The genesis of the concept was the good doctors recognising that many of their elderly patients who seemed to have no particular physical ailments did suffer from the "empty nest" syndrome -- almost all of them had children who had moved away to other countries / cities. And, with the joint-family system not a feature of urban living any more, the effects of that syndrome had become even more acute. Hence, the doctors decided to set up what is, arguably, the first assisted living facility of its kind in the country.

The SUVIDHA Retirement Village has been set up by Sushruta Vishranthi Dhama Ltd. This quite unique "assisted living" facility was conceived by a few doctors of the Bangalore Hospital, which is situated at the South End Circle, Jayanagar, Bangalore. This is one of the reasons why nearly 70% of the investors in the Company are from the medical profession.


The Bangalore Hospital, established over 20 years ago, was Bangalore's first multi-disciplinary hospital in the private sector apart from those run by religious institutions.



As the Village is in the Green Belt outside Bangalore, it is subject to the rules governing any non-agricultural activity in the Belt, which are:


  • Land cannot be parcelled and sold.
  • Construction must be restricted on only 20% of the total land available.
  • No structure can be higher than ground+1 floors.
  • No geological features like large rocks etc can be touched.


To conform to the very first rule, a closely held public limited company called Sushruta Vishranthi Dhama Limited was incorporated in 2004 and the Village was named SUVIDHA -- the acronym of the name of the Company. The Company has acquired a total of 30 acres of land with clear title and the current project is located on 27 acres of that property. The Village is located off Kanakapura Road, 19 km from MG Road.


While any one of any age may invest in our Company, as this is a 'retirement' village at least one member of a twosome who wish to be 'permanent residents' has to be of 50 years of age.


Construction of 180 cottages out of the 200 planned in Phase 1, is now complete. This stage also comprises Club House, a Health Care Centre, all pathways, water treatment, softening & reverse osmosis water purification plants, sewage treatment plant and a 3-acre waterbody (created by damming a perennial stream flowing through the property). Work on Phase 1-A, comprising around 20 additional cottages is in progress.


The Village consists of single dwelling units. Each single unit measures 925 sq.ft. and the general configuration of each of these units is one living-cum-dining-cum kitchenette + one bed room with an attached bathroom + one extra room (which can be used as a smaller bed room or kitchen or study + a bathroom across the entrance lobby and with verandahs on two sides.



At the Company's instance, the Zilla Parishad has re-surfaced and metalled the approach road to the Village, i.e., from the road leading to the Vajramuneeshwara Temple to the main gate. Street lighting has been provided on the road to the Temple and the approach road to the Village, all the way from Kanakapura Road.

HEALTH CENTRE : Suitably furnished Health Centre located in the “dormitory” block near the Club House has been functioning. It is equipped for both primary & emergency health care with a Pulse Oximeter, an Oxygen Concentrator, a Heartstart Monitor/ Defibrillator, etc. There is also a small operating theatre for minor surgical procedures. A senior nurse is posted in the Health Centre from 10am to 5pm for any injections, dressings etc., and one of the permanent residents is the doctor on the premises.

CLUB HOUSE, GYMNASIUM & RECREATION FACILITIES :While the structure of the Club House is ready and partly finished, work for completing this facility in all respects is expected to commence before the end of the current financial year. The gymnasium, which is located inside the Club House, has now been equipped with a motorized treadmill, one magnetic cycle, an X- Bike, a Home Gym, two AB Slimmers and a Yoga Mat. As the gym has enough space, a table tennis table has also been housed in the same area. One of the two shuttle badminton courts is ready and in use. Construction of the tennis court and the swimming pool is expected to begin fiscal 2014-15.

Suvidha has extensive landscaped areas, about 10 acres - both around cottages and common areas. There are over 3000 trees planted in Suvidha and every year there is a tree planting programme to add to the tree population in Suvidha.


A plant nursery set up about 18 months ago caters to the landscaping needs and replenishment of plants due to mortality. An eco friendly waste Management system was set up about an year ago which takes care of both Kitchen & Garden waste.


Two months ago an organic kitchen garden was set up, the produce from this is used in the kitchen.


All these were set up and are maintained by the in - house Suvidha Landscaping team.