The Suvidha Community

Surrounded by like minded people within a community and living amidst nature is truly a dream come true. Suvidha's residents come from all walks of life with some having travelled extensively around the world and names who are respected in their field of work. You can be part of this wonderful community where you are respected and cared for. 

You have worked hard all your life, hoping that some day you could put your feet up on a sunny porch and do nothing more than read a book.


Suvidha Flora and Fauna - Introduction

From a rock-strewn scrubland to a Sylvan paradise, Suvidha's transformation in two decades is nothing short of amazing!

In 2005, before our retirement village took shape in it, the land was more greyish brown than green, with mud, sand and rocks interspersed with shrubs, thorny plants and a few small trees. But as soon as SUVIDHA was registered as a company and the shareholders began visiting regularly and later moving in when their cottages came up, the greening process began in earnest. Tree planting festivals were organized and with the help of capable and dedicated landscaping experts and staff, hundreds of trees and plants were planted. In the last 20 years, almost every shareholder in big, small and medium capacities has contributed plants, trees, shrubs, herbs and more to this rich and varied landscape. Here we trace for you the greening process with images and information about some of the rare flora thriving in this lovely landscape of ours.

As the greenery spread and the rocks were artistically placed around the property in mounds and gardens, our land has attracted more fauna than were present in the beginning. Butterflies and birds (we have a plethora of them including visiting and residing ones) arachnids, reptiles, small animals like hares, mongooses, rodents, who have made their home here and rare visits from wild elephants and leopards are all recorded faithfully in the wonderful photos that mainly Ashok Dey and a few others in Suvidha are sharing with us here. The pictures and descriptions along with short notes wherever possible are sure to provide
viewing pleasure and knowledge of them.

We invite you to partake of the feast to the eyes and mind with the Flora and Fauna of SUVIDHA!

. Birds of Suvidha