What does the monthly maintenance fee include?

What happens if some members default on their Maintenance fees?

I like gardening, can I maintain my own garden?

I am living with my pet Dog, can he/she come to live with me in the village?

Will I have my telephone, internet & cable connection, or do I have to use a service that is shared by others?

What recourse will I have in a dispute between me and my neighbor or the company?

Will I have Air-Conditioning, fridge, washing machine, Geyser and other utilities in my unit?

Can I alter the unit to suit me?

Can I employ a Cook, Home help etc?

Will there be continuous water and electricity supply?

What type of illnesses can be treated in the Health Centre in the Village and how much will it cost?

Can i have guests in my cottage ?

Will there be a Garage for my car? Can I park it in front of my unit?

Will there be a Dormitory type of living as well in case I am lonely and do not want to live alone?

What are the standard materials used in the unit, like the Tiles, Paint, Doors and Windows, Bathroom fixtures etc?

Will you furnish the unit for me, as the furniture I have in my present home is too bulky for the unit?

I am not eligible to occupy my unit as I am less than 50 years of age, can I rent it out?

If my unit is rented out and I want to come and spend some time in the Village, can I have the use of another unit? What will be the charges?

Will there be a large enough storage space for my furniture, books, and memorabilia from my old home for my use?

Is there a minimum age limit for taking part in the project?

Who should I contact for an appointment to check out the Suvidha retirement village and the cottages.

Can I first use a cottage on a trial basis?

Is there an application form ?

What is the current price of the Cottage?